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In search of.. Something...

When I was a kid, my parents had this great big glass greenhouse, with glass so thick it was almost bluish-green. Inside, fed by little homemade tube irrigators, were ferns, spiderplants, tomatoes, irises, and a plethora of low hanging plants. I would sneak inside it and just look at the plants, trying to figure out how they were growing. Trying to feel a connection to that strange greenery growing in a glass room.

Now, thirty years later, I look about me feeling the same way I did standing on my tiptoes looking at the worktable in the greenhouse. Little tubes stretch across the world forming connections, feeding interactions that are growing ideas and changing lives. Sometimes changing and growing so quickly we can see it wind it’s way around the tubes.. sometimes so slowly we don’t even feel the impact until we realize the connections have already been made, the ideas and concepts become realities and the whole world is just holding it’s breath waiting to see what it’s actually grown.


and I’m still standing on my tiptoes trying to see...

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